Richmond, Massachusetts 01254

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Navigate around the land use map using the arrow bars at the bottom and right side. Note the more detailed color key in the bottom right corner of the map. Note the Richmond Land Trust and Berkshire Natural Resources Council (Berkshire County Land Trust) properties, which are depicted in light blue. Conservation restrictions held by either or both trusts are depicted in dark blue.

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Richmond Land Use Map

The Richmond land use map is based on the town assessors' 2008 map and has been color coded to show how land in Richmond was being used at that time. With this map, land use can be grouped into the following six general categories (map colors indicating each category are in parentheses, and the percentage of the town's 12,205 acres is included for each category).

  • Developed and undeveloped land not in any of the following categories (white): 52%
  • Chapter 61 - Forestry, Agriculture, and Recreation (greens): 37%
  • Private school and camps (purple): 4%
  • ​Conservation (shades of blue): 3%
  • State (yellow): 2%
  • Town (reds and brown): 2%