Richmond, Massachusetts 01254

Richmond Land Trust


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Given to an individual in recognition for their outstanding

civic commitment on behalf of the Town of Richmond and its residents.

2005    Thomas W. Armstrong
2006    Ann M. Larkin
2007    Francis and Elizabeth Bartlett
2008    William C. Sexton
2009    John Mason​
2010    Fran and Pat Malnati
2011     Doug Chapman
2012    Jan Hartford
2013    Edward Forget
2014    Gloria Morse
2015    Helen Benedict Nicholas

2016    Marguerite (Jackie) Rawson

The Charles and Mary Kusik Citizenship Awards

1992    Laurence E. Fairfield
1993    William N Ratcliff
1994    Ruth H. Bass
1995    The Men and Women of
             the Richmond Volunteer
             Fire Department
1996    T. A. Edwards
1997    Helen L. Kingsley
1998    Miriam A. Kimball
1999    Philip Foster

​2000    Holly Stover
2001    (not awarded)
2002    K. J. Morray
2003    Gladys B. Traver
2004    B. Carter White