Richmond, Massachusetts 01254

Richmond Land Trust


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BNRC hikers enjoy Hollow Fields Reserve

Plaque at Hollow Fields Reserve

Over the years, the Richmond Land Trust has preserved over 200 acres through either the generous donations of residents or through their willingness to sell to the Trust at less than market value (bargain sales). These owners usually wish their property to remain undeveloped but no longer want the responsibility of maintaining it. The undeveloped nature of these acquisitions provides habitat for native plants and wildlife, helps maintain water quality, preserves openings to views, and protects the rural character of Richmond.

​Since the birth of the Richmond Land Trust, we have worked closely with the Berkshire Natural Resources Council on land transactions that have resulted in another 888 acres being preserved through conservation restrictions. Several of these properties provide wonderful hiking opportunities and expansive scenic vistas in addition to the conservation values noted above. Included in this group are Stevens Glen and Hollow Fields, each of which offers very different experiences. In these two cases, Berkshire Natural Resources Council owns the land and has developed trails, while the Richmond Land Trust holds the conservation restrictions that ensure these parcels will remain undeveloped in perpetuity.

By coupling Berkshire Natural Resources Council's professional expertise with the Richmond Land Trust's knowledge of our community and its residents, we will continue to bring creative solutions to residents' preservation wishes, thus benefiting the public and protecting the scenic beauty and bucolic character of Richmond.

Preserved Lands