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  • Ruth Bass

Stevens Glen

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Winding its way down Lenox Mountain, Lenox Mountain Brook has carved Stevens Glen, a narrow, 40-foot-long gorge in the side of the mountain. The glen derived its name from Romanzo Stevens, a local farmer turned entrepreneur, who in 1884 recognized the beauty and character of the cataract. He built bridges and walkways into the fields, constructed a covered dance pavilion, and charged 25 cents for admission. It was reported that in 1918 a party of 900 people from New York gathered for a celebration at the glen. But in 1919 the pavilion roof collapsed under the weight of heavy snow, and the structure has since returned to nature. The trail to the glen loops through varied forest, crossing Lenox Mountain Brook and tributaries, ending at stairs down into the glen and a convenient viewing platform. There is often a refreshing coolness in the glen. It's a short hike, with the round trip taking about an hour. The first half, steeply downhill, promises that the return to the car will leave many hikers breathless.

From the flashing light at the intersection of Swamp Road and Lenox Road, take Lenox Road toward Lenox. At the top of the hill, turn right onto Lenox Branch Road and go 0.6 miles to a small pull-off on the right with a sign for the glen. For more details and a trail map, click here to access the BNRC website: Stevens Glen

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