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  • Ruth Bass

Hollow Fields Reserve

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Please note: Richmond Land Trust members have been attending Planning Board meetings regularly as that board attempts to clarify recreational use of open space in Richmond. The board’s proposal for amendments to the present zoning bylaw will probably be presented at the annual town meeting in May. The amendments came about because of the effort by three Perry’s Peak households to restrict use of Hollow Fields and require users to get special permits. At present, while the case is in Massachusetts Land Court, hours of use at Hollow fields are set at 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The RLT urges its members to support the Planning Board amendments.

Located on Perry's Peak Road, off Route 41 in Richmond, this outstanding 680-acre property derives its name from Sleepy Hollow Brook, which flows through the reserve. It consists of expansive hayfields that offer magnificent views across the valley to Yokun Ridge, with opportunities for bird watching, hiking, and picnicking. Trails through the hardwood forests offer various hiking options. The reserve also provides public access to an abutting 45-acre parcel owned by the Richmond Conservation Commission. For more details and a current trail map, click here to access the BNRC website: Hollow Fields Reserve

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